Major events and business progress of BOCO in recent years 

The past three years have been an extraordinary period in the development history of BOCO. Because of the uncontrollable and extraordinary events two years ago, it caused the panic of the relevant financial institutions, stopped lending or the early maturity of debt, which led to the rupture of the capital chain and led to the debt crisis of BOCO. As a result, the industrial projects invested by BOCO, such as BO code, stem cells, new materials, and healthcare, which have huge market demand and core competitiveness at home and abroad, have not been developed in time or resulted in the good earnings that should have been generated.
In order to protect the related interests of employees, creditors and partners and minimize the losses of shareholders of BOCO Inter-Telecom, Deng Wei, chairman, led all the good comrades to self-examine, self-confident and self-improvement, and actively seek for strategic investors to restructure and regenerate.
In the past three years, more than 3000 good comrades of BOCO stick to their posts, defy difficulties, resist temptations, fulfill their duties and strive hard, and have achieved gratifying real achievements with the following major events as the representative:

BOCO ICT actively promotes the strategy of productization, platform-based, intelligence and internationalization to increase profitability. Fully participate in 5G collaborative innovation projects of three major domestic operators; APEX data exchange platform successfully shortlisted for Operational Transformation and Agility Award and won the best new project award; AIOps Phase II project won outstanding contribution award of TMF;
In the second half of the year, BOCO Inter-Telecom launched the industry¡¯s first set of 5G service automatic distribution system based on SDN technology; at the same time, it conducted pre-research on intelligent operation and maintenance based on 5G network, and provided intelligent means by introducing AI technology to help users carry out 5G service visualization, 5G service fault simulation, 5G service flow intelligent prediction and other 5G network intelligent management and maintenance; it became the industry¡¯s first example based on cloud. It built a large-scale centralized monitoring case manufacturer with OSS. Through the gradual establishment of basic, business, data, application and enterprise R&D operation and maintenance cloud, we will promote the implementation of the whole line of products, and widely recognized by customers and the industry.
Ya-Ye highway mechanical and electrical system project, a national key project undertaken by BOCO ITS, has helped the opening of the whole line of Ya-Kang section; Harbin intelligent traffic control project has completed the construction of the outfield, which has comprehensively promoted the acceptance; BOCO ITS has also helped Inner Mongolia successfully complete the cancellation of provincial toll station system switching.

In the final defense meeting of "2019 International AIOps Challenge", BOCO communication won the first place in the preliminary and final results, and won the championship! With years of experience and continuous investment in AIOps, it helps users improve operation and maintenance efficiency, save operation and maintenance costs and improve service quality. We will help our customers to gain opportunities, more value and enable industries in the wave of digital transformation, and work together to promote the healthy development of the industry and economy.

Under the double influence of unprecedented shortage of funds and 70 days of shutdown in flood season in 2019, BOCO Oil completed 28,019 tons of crude oil production in a safe, accident free and environment-friendly way, exceeding the set goal; its development and management ability continued to maintain the leading level - the oilfield has achieved 20% in five consecutive years without new well supplement and stimulation measures, relying only on water injection adjustment and old well potential tapping. In 19 years, the natural decline rate and condensation decline rate are stable at 5.9%, and the water cut rise rate is 6.75%, which is at the forefront of the development and management level of similar oil fields in China.

In Jixi City and Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province, the two graphite exploration rights of BOCO Mining industry have achieved good geological results through geological exploration. The two graphite deposits are high-quality medium-sized squame graphite deposits. Several foreign exploration projects have also made some progress.
A variety of tailings have been used for the production test of foaming ceramics. The products have passed the test by the national building materials testing center and applied for one invention patent and two utility model patents, among which the utility model patent has been approved.
The small-scale process test of the secondary extraction project of metal tailings cooperated with an American company IBC has achieved satisfactory results. If the project can be successfully promoted after the industrial production test, it can not only solve the pollution of soil and groundwater resources caused by the accumulation of metal tailings, but also has high growth and replicability. It is a high-value circular economy project vigorously promoted and advocated by the state. We will combine the mature foaming ceramic technology of tailings utilization that we have mastered, so that the comprehensive utilization industry of metal tailings of BOCO can be fully utilized and produce good economic and social benefits.

BOCO New Materials successfully held the 2019 Graphene Frontier Technology Cooperation Seminar. Professor Konstantin Novoselov, winner of the Nobel Prize in physics and one of the discoverers of graphene, and Mr. Cary Helter, director of the European Graphene Center attended the meeting in person, and provided BOCO ten related patent authorizations for the promotion and use. BOCO and its partners have obtained nearly 100 patents for ten products of graphene industry of Beijing Graphene Technology Research Institute;
BOCO and its business partners successfully discussed the development and cooperation of African market, which laid a solid foundation for soil curing agent to enter African market.

BOCO Health further increased the medical examination product line based on the concept of precision medicine, including but not limited to cancer methylation detection, etc., and the intelligent solutions of whole genome sequencing analysis and multi-component detection were popularized and applied;
It further enriches a series of health care products and related services such as blueberry anthocyanin freeze-dried powder series products, peony seed oil series products and a series of health care products and related services;
TANO joy system, which is suitable for sports training of the elderly and the rehabilitation and exercise and entertainment of the healthy, has won many high-tech awards such as "KAWASAHI Standard Certification", "RE-CAREWARD", built-in more than 90 programs and integrates professionalism and interest, is being widely used.
BOCO Health has become the undertaker of "Medical Care Service Committee of China Association of small and medium sized enterprises", which will better serve 230,000 executives, employees and their relatives and friends of small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Indications of BOCO regenerative medical stem cell therapy products: age related macular degeneration (AMD) can go through the green channel of domestic drug declaration at present. With stem cell therapy in modern life science as the core, BOCO Regenerative Medicine, in combination with the best stem cell therapy resources in China, has established an integrated stem cell therapy ecosystem at home and abroad, and made great efforts to build a regenerative medicine company with rich clinical practice experience under the guidance of independent intellectual property system of human neural stem cells.
BOCO Health is striving to fulfill the mission of "using scientific and technological means to achieve scientific health preservation, reasonable cost reduction and efficiency increase", and realize the lofty purpose of "making great contributions to human health ".

BO Code industry implements the practice path of patent, technology, product and market. According to the experience of serving market customers in recent years, it has re-combed and improved the original business model of technology platform upgrade planning, and established a platform framework with BO code technology as the core and distribution control and variable printing as the support. The separation of customer application and core business is to prepare for large-scale application. Hui Yan Zhi Xing¡¯s (the company) cloud service platform has always been in operation, providing brand protection, traceability and fidelity services for old customers, and has always maintained a certain amount of revenue; the quality assurance of new customers; Rongcheng seafood products, the first phase of the brand construction system project passed the acceptance at the end of December 2019.Over the past two years, the company has applied for and completed 30 new invention patents, and obtained a number of new invention patent authorizations. The employees have made joint efforts to maintain certain R&D progress and intellectual property accumulation of R&D achievements. Through the introduction of blockchain technology to enhance the credibility of information in traceability applications, advanced and practical application systems of "fidelity traceability, marketing control, customer management" have been realized for enterprises from information flow to commodity flow.

Through fine management, reform of incentive mechanism, efforts to reduce costs and other measures, BOCO Paper industry has developed a number of new customers and increased the number of new orders on the basis of maintaining the original customers and keeping orders, which has realized the stable growth of the company¡¯s production scale and the substantial improvement of its business performance.

With the tenet of "high-end agriculture, conscience cause, and benefit for mankind", BOCO Agriculture focuses on the strategy of "adhering to one center, building two industries, building three highlands, implementing four-wheel drive strategy, forging five goods agriculture, and realizing 100 billion market value". Focusing on food quality and safety construction, we will work with our partners to build China¡¯s largest organic forage industry and the world¡¯s leading plant immune control industry.
1. Relying on the intelligent agricultural technology of Professor Su Zhongbin and the team of the former Northeast Agricultural University Information College and the blessing code technology that BOCO has mastered, establish the traceability system of agriculture and agricultural products under the control of intelligent agriculture and the Internet of things.
2. Relying on the team of Yuan Longping, the father of rice, and Professor Jiang Xingyu¡¯s technology of saline alkali land improvement of Hainan University, the system of land restoration and production increase was established;
3. Relying on the technology of increasing production of plant immune protein by Qiu Dewen, plant protection scientist and inventor of plant immune protein, the prevention and control system of yellow shoot and apple rot disease was established;
4. Popularize the above technologies and applications in Russia and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries along the "one belt and one road".
5. Signed a strategic agreement with All-China Federation of Commerce on cooperation around agricultural finance and agricultural industry chain.

In addition to the difficulties caused by the outbreak of the debt crisis, the ¡°standardized and efficient operation mechanism, competitive strength around the main business, independent and leading technology patents, sincere team spirit, advanced and practical corporate culture, and marketing system all over the country and many countries¡± and many other advantages formed by BOCO in the past three decades by working hard, striving hard, striving for perfection and continuous optimization still exist.
After the reorganization of BOCO, it will become a high-tech group company with a net asset of more than 10 billion yuan and a debt ratio of only about 20%. It will control one listed company BOCO Inter-Telecom and other three proposed listed companies, namely BOCO New Materials, BOCO Health and BOCO Agriculture.

Looking back on the past: we have contributed, gained, lost, experienced and got unforgettable painful lessons!
Focusing on the present: we are self-checking, correcting, restructuring, self-improving, and trying our best to reduce the losses of related parties!
Looking forward to the future: we will get out of trouble, and grow, improve, repay and better share our responsibilities instead!

In the future, all comrades of BOCO will work harder to practice 100% of the advanced culture, concepts and values of BOCO, which are summarized and formulated by themselves and widely recognized! It will also create new achievements, clean up the stigma, prove itself, get what they deserve, show more value and share happily!!

We sincerely hope to continue to get the understanding, support and care of leaders at all levels, customers and partners, creditors, small and medium shareholders and friends from all walks of life, and create another business legend with us!! ¡­¡­