Main Events of BOCO (Bright Oceans Corporation) in 2016 

In 2016, thanks to the trust and supports from relevant leaders, friends, cooperative partner and friendly financial institutions, as well as the strong sense of responsibility, good faith and dedication among good comrades in BOCO, we have strengthened the number and scope of protection of patent technology, improved the technological contents of  core technology, adapted to the trend of mobile Internet era featured with openness, cooperation, complementation, win-win situation and committed to the creation of an "Internet plus" service platform characterized by concentration, highest achievement, good reputation, rapidness, threshold and integration. While maintaining the steady growth in leading industries, we have promoted better developments of new materials, comprehensive health and other business areas and achieved good performances as represented by main events of BOCO in 2016.

In order to adapt to the new normal of China and the world economy, as well as the implementation of "One Belt & One Road" national strategy, BOCO has strengthened its core competitiveness in various segment markets and fields by relying on high-tech technologies, as reflected in several aspects of encouraging pragmatic innovation, requiring action in place and perfect implementation, carrying out the elimination of the least competent, optimizing the allocation of personnel, strengthening the team construction, accelerating the pace of positive natural selection and intensifying the strict assessment featured with rewarding the diligent & punishing the lazy.

After continuing to obtain AA credit rating, BOCO has successfully issued corporate bonds of RMB 2.5 billion, improved the construction of risk management system and better ensured more stable and rapid business developments in all systems. For more than 20 years, BOCO and its holding companies have paid accumulative taxes over RMB 3.3 billion and those companies invested or participated by the group have also paid accumulative taxes over RMB 10.5 billion.

BOCO Xintong has obtained the national first batch of "Large and first-class enterprise in information system integration & service" qualification, which marks a solid step for the next generation of OSS network management and optimization among operators and forms the intelligent network management solution with BOCO characteristics. BOCO has achieved good results in the application field of Telecom big data and realized doubled business incomes. In the field of OSS, BOCO has introduced artificial intelligence technology and achieved primary effects. In the field of radio & television and electric power supply, BOCO has make breakthroughs, promoted OSS product implementation process and achieved the maximization of marginal benefits. In the field of industry development, BOCO has established cooperation with a number of new industry customers, including China Mobile Online, Zhejiang Mobile BOMC, Guizhou Mobile Big Data, Bank of China, CSSC, CNNC, China Coal Group, Yingda Group, Central China Electric Power, etc, and further expanded the leading edge in the field of IT operation support and IT resources operation & maintenance management. Furthermore, clouded OSS products have ranked among the short list of Business Agility Outstanding Contribution Award issued by TMF Global Management Forum and received wide recognitions from international telecommunication operators. BOCO has also raised RMB 1.111 billion in a non-public private placement to substantial shareholders, opening up a new chapter in the integration of industry and capital.

In ITC field, BOCO has realized synergetic development in three sectors, i.e. smart city, smart transportation and smart highway. Among them, BOCO has developed traffic information projects based on big data and cloud computing in Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Hebei, Shanxi and other provinces. For smart city, BOCO has consecutively won the bids for cloud data center, smart education, smart tourism, smart environmental protection, smart business attraction, smart city management and other projects in Beijing, Xinjiang, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Anhui and other provinces and cities, laying a solid foundation for smart city to implement independent innovation, expand markets and create successes under the new business model.

BOCO Security has passed the reinvestigation and obtained the class-A qualification for national secrecy-involved integration and realized strategic cooperation with the state-level "Engineering Research Center" and "Technology Research Center". In the field of IOT security and smart home security market, BOCO has realized layouts and successfully completed network security tasks for G20, national security week and other major national activities.

Under the sustained sluggish international oil prices, BOCO Petroleum has completed the annual production of 43899 tons of crude oil, the oil field development level has ranked among the forefront of similar oilfields and the results of reducing costs and increasing benefits are significant.

BOCO Agriculture has smoothly completed the planting plan for oil-press peony demonstration base and the total planting area has exceeded 2800 mu. Despite of the unprecedented heavy flood, the harvest of peony seed still reached 1800 kg.

Through in-depth cooperation with the Technology Center for Tailings Utilization, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, BOCO Mining has aimed at the domestic coal gangue and tailings resources and took the initiative to establish the emerging industry R&D base in Qitaihe city, Heilongjiang province for the production of domestically first-class microlite and foamed ceramics through the application of coal gangue. These initiatives are about to produce good economic and social benefits.

BOCO Tetong has made breakthrough in new resources and new markets, as manifested in the completion of graphite ore prospecting work in Jixi Mashan, successful acquisition of the national invention patent named "a new type of composite wall body", winning of the bid for puddle wall greenhouse project in Ningjin, Hebei, winning of contracts in African market and completion of batch exportation of soil curing agent. Moreover, BOCO has also succeeded in using the curing agent for the construction of a vacation village in Equatorial Guinea.

BOCO Fuma and Fuma cloud platform have completed the global patent layout and obtained international core patent rights of U.S.A. and EU. Moreover, the domestic patents and software copyrights have exceeded 100 and the third-party appraisal value has also exceeded RMB 2 billion. BOCO has won the bid for "Beijing School Rear-Service Support Traceability System" and the fidelity traceability of foodstuffs will be realized via BOCO Fuma among Beijing University, Tsinghua University and other first-class universities as well as all middle and primary schools in Beijing in the coming three years. Thanks to the fidelity traceability of BOCO Fuma, the sales price of "Wuchang Rice" has rose from RMB 5.1 per 500g to more than RMB 10, leading to 10 times in profit increase and one-year appreciation of RMB 22 billion.

In the field of medicine and health preservation, BOCO products and technologies have covered medical imaging, digital hospital solutions, regional medical and personal health services, Internet-based medical services, medical big data and other businesses, established strategic partnership with several domestic and foreign famous universities, undertaken a number of domestic and foreign medical information projects and established BOCO Chengdu Medical Research Center and BOCO Zhengzhou Medical Research Center. Furthermore, BOCO has also acquired related patents and technology from US-based Stemcells Corporation and thus owned the knowledge system for standardized industrial production of stem cells, took the initiative to realize the standardized and industrialized production of neural stem cells (NSCs) around the world and obtained the right for conducting stem cell clinical trials firstly approved by FDA. BOCO Precise Medical & Health Preservation Corporation is officially established with its mission defined as "Enhancing the physical and mental health of common people and speeding up the realization of a well-off society".

Confronted with the grim and complex situation in business & trade system, BOCO has gathered strength in surmounting of various difficulties and realized the annual sales revenue of RMB 15 billion. For the import & export business, in addition to the stable progress of traditional Russian pulp import business, substantial progresses have also been achieved in new businesses with "Famous, Excellent and Special Brand" products taken as flagships.

In 2016, the Nanjing No.3 Yangtze River Bridge invested by BOCO has realized 29.76% of economic growth and net profit of RMB 138 million. Everbright Securities successfully issued H shares in 2016 and its brokerage rating rose to AA level, becoming one of the only eight domestic securities companies with the highest ratings. The profits during the first three quarters reached RMB 2.386 billion and its trading volume at China Beijing Equity Exchange reached RMB 5.7 trillion. In 2016, Huatai Insurance ushered its twentieth anniversary and the company will continue to cultivate the differentiated competition capability, accelerate the main channel construction, sustainably improve the business structure and realize the main business income of RMB 11.35 billion.

BOCO will continue to actively fulfill its social responsibility. BOCO has made a donation of RMB 5 million for the establishment of "Growth Plan Fund for Outstanding Music Talents Co-sponsored by BOCO and Central Conservatory of Music", supported the cultivation of excellent professionals in instrument and music performances, donated RMB 2 million to CFCAC, donated remote medical system worth RMB 30 million to Xinjiang, Qingyang County in Gansu Province, Guanghe County in Gansu Province, Yingjiang County in Yunnan Province and other regions and also implemented more than ten sets of targeted poverty alleviation projects. In positive response to calls from the glorious cause, BOCO has implemented the "Paired assistance between 10,000 enterprise and 10,000 villages" in Longjiang, invested RMB 6.29 million for poverty alleviation, benefited 560 households of farmers and helped them realize the per capita income of over RMB 10000. Besides that, BOCO has also installed 590 solar street lights, invested in the construction of BOCO Cultural Square, as well as other roads and bridges. The warehousing base with its colored steel walls and roof revised by the president Deng Wei has put into use. BOCO has established the LED display panel and broadcast systems among seven villages for the distribution of industrial policies, market information and health knowledge, etc. Moreover, eco-chicken from Qianshuiwu village, a registered target of poverty alleviation, has won the "Christmas Chicken" brand. BOCO has proposed the concept of "Lighting up, going into action, becoming rich and beautiful", which boosted the spirit of self-improvement among villagers. By the end of 2016, the accumulative social public welfare donations of BOCO have exceeded RMB 260 million.